I'll bet no one ever asked Claude Monet why he was still just a painter after 25 years.  


No, I'm not comparing my talent to Monet's, but I understand his passion for pursuing what he loved and mentoring others. I've made my living as a (mostly) freelance advertising copywriter and marketing content strategist and writer for more than 25 years. And I still look forward to coming to work every day.

Why this matters to you

My love of writing means you can relax. When you give me a project, you can be sure it will arrive on time and that it will be everything you hoped it would be—and more.

Safeguarding your brand’s image

I also love working with internal teams to perfect a company's brand voice and writing quality. After all, it's no secret that companies intent on delivering top-quality products and services maintain that intensity across all communication channels—advertising, marketing, customer communications, and investor relations. Through consulting, mentoring, and quality-assurance editing, I can help ensure brand-voice quality and consistency throughout your organization.

Expanding your capabilities

I also help clients zero in on effective marketing strategies, and I can bring together teams of creative professionals to turn strategies into tactical tools that produce results.  


Working alone and together


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Vicki Mongan
Writer, Editor, Consultant


I have a personal marketing challenge—I don't fit into a tidy category. Many people think I only write websites, ad copy, annual reports, marketing collateral, white papers, magazine articles, or something else. Some people think I only name things or develop brand voices. And if we're talking business sectors, I'm referred to as a B2B, B2C, healthcare, science, technology, travel, food, finance, engineering and construction, government agency, and nonprofit writer. That's why my business card simply says "writer." Because if you need words, I can write them. It's what I do. If you need something edited, I can do that, too. And I provide consulting and training to help others do what I do. 


The other side of my work is building teams of creatives to complete projects and implement campaigns. I can work with your internal and external resources and I can bring in talented advertising, marketing, public relations, and other creative professionals that I know and trust to deliver exceptional work with high professional standards.